Up to ten years written warranty.
Decorative paintwork, interior, exterior and glazed.

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Toni Revilo - Furgoneta

  • Decorative paintwork

  • Exterior paintwork

  • Interior paintwork

  • Glazed

  • PVC floorings

  • Parquet

  • Plasterboard

  • Moquette

  • Metal

  • Wallpapers

  • Corck

  • Waterproof

Its color instantly.We have a scaner with all international cards and we can perform accurate dimensions of color on any surface, shiny, rough, textile, etc.

We specialize in all types of decorative paints, interior and exterior. As in all kinds of floors and coatings.

We know that a decision like painting your house or office, change the floor, decorate or make a reform is important. That is why we treat each project as our own: care, order, cleanliness, professionalism and reliability are guaranteed and accredited by hundreds of satisfied customers all over the island.

Put your project in the hands of a professional to ensure your total satisfaction.

Toni Oliver
Painter approved Procolor

Phone: 629 633 121
Illes Balears, Mallorca

The top ten that makes us different: The top ten that makes us different: The top ten that makes us different:

Painting demensions. We adapt to your needs.

Various services. Decoration, coatings and insulation.

Agility in budgets. We respond to your budget request within a maximum 48 hours.

Consulting. We will guide you in selecting products, we will calculate the strength and durability, we will give design options and resolve any doubts that may arise.

Quality. Together with our experience and dedication,it is one of our 3 secure tools.

Competitive prices. You pay just once and not more than what is necessary.

Satisfied customers. They are our most precious capital.

Guarantee. In written, for what is done.

Seriousness, care, order, cleanliness and reliability.All this- accredited.

And of course: the perfect finish!


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