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Antiradiation paiting, based water shielding wall surfaces, ceilings and floors, both exterior and interior. Recoatable with waterborne paints. New technology for shielding, which prevents radiation from outside and their own housing, removing and drifting to earth radiation, high and low frequency. Preserving the entrance and exposure to those who live and suffer frequent exposure to radiation.
Efficiency guaranteed.

Indoor grounding.
Ground for interior walls painted with shielding paints. will go screwed onto the painted wall, previously applied conductive tape. a ground per room is required. Broken walls need a ground by sector. In large rooms you can specify more than one grounding. The grounding should be connected by an electrician. earthing cable to 1 m.

New technology for shielding, prevents radiation from outside removing, high and low frequency.

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News: It's time to restore and rehabilitate your Majorcan blinds

Restoration of Majorcan blinds

Isolation 365 days a year ...
... and 365 nights. The Restoration and Rehabilitation of all types of wood, is another of our specialties.
Whatever the type of wood and its functionality or location, we get an optimal finish with the best protection. In blinds, for example, we use enamel and open-pore laminates (different from conventional ones) and we get a longer duration of work done.
We also get exceptional finishes on the doors, to which we apply enameled, varnished, lacquered or lacquered. And is that if you have the experience, the right product and follow some small conservation guidelines, the restoration and / or rehabilitation of the wood we treat will last for many years.

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